Scaffold and Setup

The first step in setting up your customer support is to establish a plan. This includes deciding on the channels through which you will provide support, such as email, live chat or social media. You will also need to determine the structure of your support team, whether it's a one-man operation or a bigger team. The key is to keep channels to a minimum to maintain efficiency and consistency.

Communication Channels

Deciding on the right channels for customer support is crucial. Consider where your customers are most active and how they prefer to communicate. This could be through email, live chat, phone support, or social media. Be mindful to choose channels that are manageable and align with your team's capabilities.

  • Our Tip: Minmize the Channels

Your Team and their Roles

You need to determine the size of your support team. Will it be a fully automated function, a one-person team, a five-person team, or a 100-person team?

Consider the following:

  • Your budget for customer support resources
  • The typical type and complexity of customer issues
  • The volume of support requests
  • Your business hours and your customers' time zones

AI First Support vs Human First Support

What is your brand's philosophy regarding support channels? Do you prioritize AI or humans? An AI-first approach provides instant solutions and answers to your customers. However, it's essential to approach this method with caution. You need to ensure accurate customer direction and consider ethical practices. Be mindful of potential issues, such as AI agents' hallucinations.

With ClickConnector

Setting up your platform should be straightforward and quick. To facilitate this, we've simplified the process of scaffolding a customer support platform for you and your team. Whether you're operating fully automated support or managing a 100-person support team, whether you prefer AI-first or human-first support, we help you create the right customer support operations for your needs.

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  • Magic Assistant
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