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“The unified inbox is feature that I cannot get enough of because it saves so much without having to switch between applications and also having the function to schedule messages makes life that much more convenient as I can pre-plan what I need to send and make sure they receive it on time..”

Marcia Hill, Digital Marketing Manager

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The simplest yet, most comprehensive tool to manage all our customer conversations. Click Connector helps our team with Chat Distribution, Lead Collection, Follow-ups, and Reporting

Melina Pettendorfer

Director, Exotic Luxury Travel

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Andrew Jones

Exploore Tours

I absolutely adore CC because it saves us so much time; for example the unified inbox solves the time lost between switching between different platfor...
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Blake Smith

Team Lead - Tripola

Being able to pick up and continue conversations with clients and leads via SMS through Click connector is a massive win in my book and given that the...
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Aria Davies

Sales - Travel Cycle

Click Connector helps me out a lot whilst being in and out of the seat. it helps me schedule messages for later so that I can stick to follow-ups easi...
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John Taylo

Marketing - Exploore

The reports generated are super neat and very understandable and it saves so much time for the management and presents just the proper insight through...
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Rachel Williams

Customer Support - Luxury Cruises

Real deal, customers are able to access the FAQs and pre programmed chats which help them with their queries instantly and also helps us invest our ti...
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Thomas Evans

Sales - Holiday House

The fact that I can view all the details about my client on the same screen as my conversation sealed the deal for me! It allows me to stay updated wi...
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