Magic Assistant

AI for Your Brand

Harness the power of AI to seamlessly handles customer queries on your behalf, providing accurate and instant solutions.

Train with your own data
Seamless handover to humans
Works with Chatbot flows

Train from your own data

Customize AI models using your own data for tailored assistance.

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Instant Customer Support

Provide immediate assistance to customers creating delightful moments

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Seamless Handover

Effortlessly transfer support interactions between AI and human agents.

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AI works with Chatbot Flows

Integrate AI seamlessly with chatbot flows for automated customer interactions.

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Omni Channel

Deliver consistent support experiences across all communication channels.

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Multi Lingual

AI supports multiple languages for global customer assistance.

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Integrates with KB, and Helpdesk

Seamlessly connect with knowledge bases and helpdesks for unified support operations

Multiple AI Assistants

Deploy multiple AI assistants to handle various tasks and support channels.

Never handle same case again

AI learns and handles repetitive cases, freeing up time for more complex tasks.

Hari Shan
Click Connector fundamentally helps us to manage the conversations, users are now able to easily manage their leads. All agents are now receiving a fair share of conversations and Click Connector allows us to analyze user performance through reports.
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