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Become support heroes in no time with our arsenal of powerful tools and automations.

Reply to Social Media Comments
AI Assisted Replies
Automated Alerting
Workflow Automation & more

Made for Maximum Productivity

Everything you need to stay ahead of time.

Organized for Productivity

Experience streamlined efficiency with inbuilt shortcuts, a keyboard-oriented inbox, and a clear view designed for teams.

Feature 01

Macros and Presets

Automate repetitive tasks with customizable macros and presets.

Feature 02

Yours to Command

Take control of your workflow with intuitive shortcuts and a keyboard-centric inbox.

Feature 02

Your Favorite Cmd + K

The ultimate shortcut for getting what you need in a flash.

Feature 02

Tags Re-imagined

Tags are grouped for easy categorization and organization.

Feature 02


Stay on top of tasks with timely reminders for important actions.

Feature 02

Internal Tickets Re-imagined

Track internal tickets and their statuses along with conversations for better context.

Feature 02


Receive timely notifications via email or push notifications when needed.

Automatic Away Detector

Ensure your customers aren't left waiting with idle support staff.

Bot Detection

Stay ahead of the curve with advanced bot detection technology.

Powered by AI

Harness the power of AI to slash total time you spend in customer support operations

Built-in Magic Assistant

Harness the power of AI assistance seamlessly integrated into your platform.

Feature 02

AI Reply Assist

AI enhancements throughout your support operations for a smoother experience.

Feature 02

Automatic Translation

Break language barriers with seamless automatic translation capabilities.

Feature 02

Automation and Extensions

Automate repetitive tasks and boost your productivity

Inbox Automation

Let automation handle the organizational tasks for you.

Feature 01

Built-in Integrations

Access all your favorite tools right at your fingertips.

Feature 02

DIY Integration Panels

Build anything with our simple no-code integration panel builder and connect with your internal systems.

Feature 02

Made for Teams

Collaborative features and automatic workload management tailored for your team.

Feature 02

Unified Data

Centralize CRM, chats, emails, SMSs, and comments for effortless management.

Omni Channel

Deliver consistent support across all channels for unified customer experiences.

Feature 01

Integrated CRM

Access your customer data instantly for lightning-fast support.

Feature 02

FB Posts

Easily manage FB and IG comments, answering questions directly from your social media posts.

Feature 02

Custom Properties

Create custom properties to track help desk data more effectively.

Feature 02


Access analytics and reports for deeper insights into your support operations.

Feature 02

Customer Activity Tracking

Gain valuable insights through comprehensive tracking of customer interactions.

Feature 02
Hari Shan
Click Connector fundamentally helps us to manage the conversations, users are now able to easily manage their leads. All agents are now receiving a fair share of conversations and Click Connector allows us to analyze user performance through reports.
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