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No code Chat bot builder to build your conversational workflows.

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No-Code, Drag and Drop Builder

Imagination is the only limitation. Build any conversation flow with an easy to use simple drag and drop chat bot builder.

Action Blocks
Conditional Branching
Magic Assistant

Multi Channel Integration

Build once and use it in any channel.

Live Chat

Magic Assistant

You even can use Magic Assistant in your chat bot flows to provide instant responses to customer queries.

One Click Learning
Internal Knowledge Documents
Auto Analyze Website Content

Pre-Made Templates

We've made pre-made chat bot templates so that you can have a head start in designing your chat bot flows.

Customer Support
Lead Generation.

Works Seamlessly with Unibox

Conversations can be transferred to your support team at any time. The Bot-Human handover is seamless.

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The simplest yet, most comprehensive tool to manage all our customer conversations. Click Connector helps our team with Chat Distribution, Lead Collection, Follow-ups, and Reporting

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