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Chatbot Builder

Simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop chatbot flow builder to create your conversational flows.

Conditional Flows
Message Tokens
Chat Actions
Magic Assistant

Integrated Magic Assistant

AI Powered Support Assistant to the rescue for all support related questions

Feature 02

Omni Channel

Chabtos can be pluggined across all channels

Feature 02

Multi Lingual

Support customers in multiple languages for global reach and inclusivity.

Feature 02

Powerful Flow Builder

Create intricate workflows effortlessly with a robust flow builder tool.

Feature 02

Actions Included

Access a wide range of pre-defined actions to streamline support processes

Feature 02

Activate Flows In the Middle

Trigger workflows at any point in the customer journey for targeted assistance.

Feature 02

Built in Data Enrichment

Enhance support interactions with enriched data for better insights and personalization.

Pre made templates

Utilize pre-designed templates to kickstart your support workflows quickly.

Hari Shan
Click Connector fundamentally helps us to manage the conversations, users are now able to easily manage their leads. All agents are now receiving a fair share of conversations and Click Connector allows us to analyze user performance through reports.
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