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Made Simple

visually stunning customer portals with AI search and Magic Assistant

Feature 04

Powerful Editor

Format your articles easily with slash commands and keyboard shortcuts.

Feature 02

Optimized for SEO

All your articles are statically rendered for better SEO.

Feature 02

Make it Your Brand

Easily change the look and feel to match your brand.

Built-in Magic Assistant

Go beyond simple searching with a magic assistant to find answers quickly.

Feature 02

Inbuilt Feedback Loop

Keep improving article quality with feedback from customers.

Feature 02

Bring Your Own Domain

Host self-service portals on your own subdomains for better branding.

Feature 02

Integrates with Live Chat Widget

Self-service portals can be embedded directly in your live chat widget.

Integrates with AI Knowledge Kit

Let AI learn from your self-service portal to assist customers.

Custom CSS/Scripts

Take full control of your self-service portals with injectable CSS and custom scripts.

Integrates with Unibox

Works seamlessly with Unibox. Send articles to customers in a gist.

Multiple Portals. Same Workspace

Need separated Knowledge Bases? We've got that covered for you!

Integrates with Analytics

Connect your Google Analytics, Meta Pixels, LinkedIn Pixels, and more.

Hari Shan
Click Connector fundamentally helps us to manage the conversations, users are now able to easily manage their leads. All agents are now receiving a fair share of conversations and Click Connector allows us to analyze user performance through reports.
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