How did Travel Center UK Overcome its Greatest Customer Service Obstacle?

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Hari Shan
Marketing Manager, Travel Center UK

What were the challenges you had before you started using Click Connector?

Initially, we used Facebook Messenger as a method of online communication. However, we were not able to track daily conversions and ROI due to the Facebook privacy policy updates, and we couldn’t get any report for analysis. In addition, we would run constant Ads that generated large quantities of messages, some of which delayed in appearing in the inbox. Due to this glitch, we missed out on many potential queries that would have brought us revenue. It was a major setback for our company. 

Back then, to ensure messenger efficiency, our agents were provided newly created Facebook accounts for the purpose of responding. But we had to face a new obstacle when the policy update identified most of the profiles as ‘unverified’ and disabled logging options.

Further, our agents often complained of the default self-chat-delegation method. As there was no systematic model to distribute chats, few agents would get hold of most queries, while some barely got one. Even capable agents would rarely get queries which posed an alarming issue. 

The triggering point was the fact that we found it challenging to follow up on conversations as there wasn’t an effective notification alert method. The inbox gets cluttered with numerous messages, and our agents have to dig deep beneath to find old conversations to follow up.

What are the steps you took to solve the problem? Are there any other products that you used before Click Connector?

We used Messenger for chat managing and direct communications. There was no other solution used prior, hence we were compelled to follow some make-shift temporary fixes. 

  • Solution for Disabled Accounts – To overcome this obstacle, we asked multiple agents to use a single account. However, this was not a sound solution as we found it challenging to monitor staff performance. We didn’t know which agent handled a particular conversation. Agents were asked to tag individual chats on Messenger for identification and marketing analysis, but it wasn’t practical as it was time-consuming and very few agents complied.

How did you find Click Connector?

One of our employees brought Click Connector to our attention as a solution for the challenges we were facing in lead management and communication. The team at Click Connector was dynamic and committed to resolving our issue. They took our suggestions and expectations to account and customized the product to meet our requirements.

How did Click Connector meet your requirements? Any additional reasons why Click Connector was the right fit for your business?

Prior to integrating Click Connector, we had to manually count leads and conversions that came through our communication platform, whereas, with Click Connector, we were able to track them campaign-wise. There are instances where we have to go in-depth to investigate, but generally, Click Connector does a good job.

Additionally, Click Connector provides detailed reporting systems which help us evaluate the campaign performance along with the help of the forced tagging feature, which requests users to tag chats before they continue their conversation. This method enables us to evaluate agent and ad performance separately. 

Now, all our agents receive a fair share of conversations assigned to them, and Click Connector allows us to analyze each one’s performance through accurate reports which capture the number of chats handled and the number of missed conversations - unlike Messenger. 

Apart from that, Click Connector allows us to pick Facebook comments and reply to them through the Dashboard, whereas, in Messenger, we have to manually check for comments. Click Connector notifies us as to which agent picked which comment, along with other statistics. I don't think any other product has a feature like this

What is your team's view on using Click Connector?

Following the implementation phase there seemed to be friction that lasted for about a week. It's common since it takes quite some time to understand and work on new software. Once the team understood the product, they started loving it! Round Robbin chat distribution, personalized inboxes, and automatic chat alerting are some of the most intriguing features of this software. 

The marketing team is quite happy and content now that they can receive various reports instantaneously as tagging is now mandatory. The Marketing Team now saves 2 hours per day and 40 hours per month with Click Connector. The total number of unhandled chats has drastically reduced, and we felt that we were making better use of our investments in Facebook Ads.

Are there any worse-case scenarios you were able to avoid by using Click Connector?

At TCUK, we receive hundreds of messages during peak seasons. With Click Connector, we were able to distribute chats equally among agents. Furthermore, agents now aren't required to go through each chat to follow up on an inquiry. 

Besides, there weren't sufficient conversions back then from Instagram, although it’s a promising platform. But now, with the help of Click Connector, we are able to generate sales conversations. 

Are there any positive statistics after using Click Connector?

Yes. We were able to optimize marketing costs since we received time and conversation management assistance from Click Connector’s software. Apart from this, we also received metrics on the following;

  • Cost per customer – Using report analytics, the marketing team is able to make more sound and efficient decisions with regards to campaigns.
  • Cost per customer acquisition

In addition, the automation implemented by Click Connector helps the marketing team save 40 hours monthly, and the ROI on marketing dollars is now very much clearer. We have increased our spending by about 30% more after we started using Click Connector.

Click Connector fundamentally helps us to manage the conversations, users are now able to easily manage their leads. All agents are now receiving a fair share of conversations and Click Connector allows us to analyze user performance through reports.

Hari Shan
Marketing Manager, Travel Center UK