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Nothing pays off like well-pleased customers. Give your valuable customers the best customer support experience they deserve with the smart customer support tools of Click Connector.

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Don’t like to keep your customers waiting on hold?

Try Live Chat with Click Connector Instant Support

Get Speed

Nearly 60% of customers say long holds and waiting times are the most frustrating aspect of service.

Top Notion Customer Service

A customer who experiences service-based problems is four times more likely to turn to a competitor.

Right Person to the Problem

33% of the customers are most frustrated when they have to repeat themselves to multiple support reps.

Live Chat to the Rescue

79% of users prefer live chat support for its instant responses.
Chat Campaigns

Solve Problems Together

Transfer chats to different agents to get the right team on the chat and provide fast solutions. Collaborate easily with teams and get superiors’ advice on the matter within minutes


All Chats in One Place

Collect and manage inquiries coming through all platforms including, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and live chat from a single platform. No need to switch between channels anymore.

Inbuilt CRM

Offer a Truly Different Customer Experience

Keep your customer data stored and organized to deliver a better service next time. Know everything from customer details, behaviors, location, and more to provide the most convenient support solutions.

Performance Report

Track Team’s Impact and Progress

Quickly pull up individual team progress. Know how your team is doing at a glance and give them a sense of confidence, motivation, and solidarity for better performance.

Chat Workflows

Get the Team on Board for the Best Support

Direct chats to available agents for quick support. Get people who speak the customer’s language for a better experience. Transfer chats between agents to get expert help on the matter.

Widget Customization

Support Experience that Matches Your Brand

Sprinkle the unique charm of your brand on top of everything. From custom messages, greetings, banners, CTA buttons to agent profiles and bios get every element to align with your brand.

Live Chat Widget

Be There Whenever They Need You

Respond in real-time with website live chat support. Help customers find the best answers quickly to make smart decisions.

Inbuilt FAQs

Convenient Self-help Options

Let customers find answers on their own without having to wait for an agent’s reply. Set answers to frequently asked questions in chats and provide fast resolutions.

Tag Groups

Track and Manage Tickets with Zero Hassle

Label your chats and organize them into segments. Create custom labels to suit your needs and label groups to keep related chats together. So you can pull out any chat you want within seconds.

Canned Responses

Keep Your Responses Ready with Canned Messages

Use pre-made answers for repeating questions to get back to your customers fast without having to type everything over and over again.

Everything any customer support team needs

In a single toolkit

Inbuilt CRM

Capture and save all your customers' data within Click Connector.

Tags & Tag Groups

Divide chats into one or multiple segments and label chats.

Automated Reports

Generate in-depth team performance reports within minutes.

In-Built FAQs

Enable self-help with preset FAQs and answers and provide instant solutions without any agent involvement.

Smart Chat Routing

Workflows to transfer chats among staff and make collaboration smoother.

Shared Inbox

Get all chats in a single inbox and transfer chats to different agents based on availability, expertise, and language proficiency.

Custom Views

Easy inbox and chat view customization to view only what you want to see.

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