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Why does chat work better for conversions?

Live Chat Gets You the Conversions a Million Ads Cannot!

Proffered Mode of Communication

73% of customers prefer live chat to communicate with a company over email and phone communication.

Conversion Rates

Live chat improves conversion rates by 3.84%.

Cost of Support

Live chat costs less than over 50% of the cost of handling phone calls.

Abandoned Purchase

57% of customers would abandon a purchase online if they don’t receive answers to their questions.
For Google Ads

For Google Ads

Monitor leads flowing through each Google ad campaign through chats. Analyze ad Campaign ROI based on individual customer conversations poured in. The best part, there are tools to analyze market data and customer data to optimize your future campaigns.

For Facebook Ads

For Facebook Ads

Respond fast to customer inquiries from the same dashboard, whether it’s a direct message or a comment. Keep track of leads generated with each ad campaign based on customer chats and get insights with reports.

Chat Campaigns

Personalized Customer Experiences

Deliver the best customer experience your customers deserve. Customize your customer experience based on customer behavior data using custom messages, campaign-specific greetings, and more.

Chat Campaigns

Alerts on Expiring Offers

Que alerts to remind customers of soon-to-expire sales and deals and get more conversions. With Click Connector you can automate the whole promotion expiration reminding process.

Fast Responses for Instant Customer Satisfaction

Never let delayed responses be the reason for a buyer to abandon a purchase. Provide real-time support for the inquiries of your customers on live chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram

Collaboration Toolbox

Tools that Make Agents’ Lives Easy

Worry less about repetitive tasks and focus more on what matters the most- your customers. From message, presets and bulk actions to various chat routing strategies Click connector has a lot of features to optimize agent productivity.


Chat Across All Channels

Chat with customers across all platforms including Facebook, IG, WhatsApp, and website live chat from a single window. Keep a channel open on Messenger and IG so you don’t have to switch between channels.

Chat Tags and Tag Groups

Campaign Specific Lead Tracking

Know which campaigns generate the most and the least number of leads. Identify campaigns that do well to replicate them or to improve your future marketing campaigns

Inbuilt FAQs

Convenient Self-help Options

Let customers find answers on their own without having to wait for an agent’s reply. Set answers to frequently asked questions in that chat and provide fast resolutions.

Live Chat Widget

Get More People to Say ‘Hi’

Increase your chances to get more people on the live chat. Be the first to say ‘Hello’ with Click Connector’s chat invitation feature and get them engaging in a conversation to assist them to make the right decision.


Automated Report

Generate in-depth marketing reports to understand your customers and the market better

Everything that just works for you …..

Automated greetings

Set custom greetings based on the campaign, landing page and ad promotion and more.

Smart Chat Routing

Workflows to transfer chats among staff and make collaboration smoother.

Shared Inbox

Get all chats in a single inbox and transfer chats to different agents based on availability, expertise, and language proficiency.

Custom Alerts

Set alerts to remind customers of expiring deals and other promotions.

Chat. Sell. Repeat.

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