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A custom-built feature by Click Connector that you can add to your website to help convert your website visitors easily. A custom-built feature by Click Connector that you can add to your website to help convert your website visitors easily.

An appearance that suits your website

Personalization that even you'd be impressed. Customize the widget's appearance to match the color and theme of your website. Make the Widget a part of your website.

Change color to make it suit your website.
Add avatars that include faces or cartoonish figures to increase authenticity


A User-friendly widget, whatever the platform it is. Allow your visitors to contact you with utmost ease.

Engage with every visitor that enters your website
More conversation as more users visit through mobile
Provide the ease of access to engage

Automated Greetings and Greeting Banner

Capture attention and delight visitors by showing automated greeting messages or an image related to your business.

Automated popup to grab your visitor's attention
Grab attention and increase conversations that convert
Add a banner image that suits your brand

Customized Greetings for Ad Campaigns

Personalize greetings for each visitor according to the ad campaign they have clicked to enter your site.

Surprise your visitor by showing personalized greeting messages
Speak to your customer about what they want even before they tell you
Give your customer the experience they would get at a physical store

Sales Staff Bio

Add the essential human touch by showing the name and avatar of the sales staff that the visitor is going to communicate with.

Improve authenticity and allow the visitors to feel that they are communicating with real staffs and not bots
A green indicator will be shown near the staff's avatar to show the visitor that the staff is available for a conversation.

Pre Chat Forms

You can collect the Name, Email ID, Phone Number, and marketing consent prior to starting the conversation. Grab your chance to custom tailor the visitor's experience.

Fast track processes
An automatic email will be sent to visitors if staffs are busy
Automatic emails will be sent even after the visitor exits the site

Un-obstructive Email Collection

Choose to make email collection mandatory or optional.

If the Email collector in the pre-chat form is disabled, the widget will send a request to the visitor to optionally add the Email ID
If the Email collector in the pre-chat form is enabled, the widget will send a mandatory prompt to continue with the chat.


Use FAQs and cut down waiting time for visitors by providing answers to their queries, all within the widget!

Minimize waiting time for visitors when all staffs are busy
Build trust
Improved personality
Easy to find answers

Live Typing Indicator

Real-time viewing on what customers type even before they send the message. We make chat cleverer for you allowing you to make conversions faster.

Know what your visitor is thinking even before they send the message
Send personalized messages on what the visitor is thinking and surprise them

Chat Routing

An all-new routing strategy that distributes chats equally to all your available staffs. The type of routing that makes your visitors and staffs happy.

Ability to route chats to specific teams
Providing an equal share of chats to all your staffs
Chats will only be routed to available staffs
Option to either allow system to assign chats or system to invite the staff to chat


Connect call to actions directly to chat messages. A widget that is not on your website but IN your website.

Show personalized messages for each different CTA


An inbuilt CRM to collect and store customer information

Collect information to tailor customer services
Guide and monitor visitors through the website
Know what they click, what they visit, and what they are interested in
Easily identify past conversations and find information that was was recorded

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