Convert Every Visitor!The Best B2C Chat Widget in the Market.

Let your customers contact you instantly through your website. Give the best chat experience for your visitors and customers that matches your brand.

Customizable Chat Widget

Chat Widget that Suits Your Website

Personalization that even you'd be impressed with! Match your live chat widget to make it look like a part of your Website.

Have your widget on the exact brand colours, so everything on your website goes together.
Let people know who’s behind the keyboard before they say ‘Hi’ with agent profile avatars.
Responsive Chat Widget


Look good everywhere on desktops, tablets and mobile alike.

Make it easy for customers to reach out using any device.
Deliver the best experience for every website user regardless of the device they use.
Automated Greetings

Get Your Website a Concierge!

Provide your customers with the excellent experience they deserve. Delight them with personalized greetings and banners to go with them.

Invite conversations that convert
Personalize greetings based on the page the user is on
Get them into the vibe with a customized banner with images.
Chat Campaigns

Customized Greetings for Ad Campaigns

Keep everything relevant to Ad Campaigns — Even the greetings. Click Connector offers customized greetings to continue the spirit of your ad into the live chat.

Surprise your visitor by showing personalized greeting messages
Speak to your customer about what they want even before they tell you
Give your customer the experience they would get at a physical store
Sales Staff Bio

Introduce Your Support Heros with a Profile

Get your sales and support agents in front of the interface to add the most needed human touch. Let customers know who they are talking to even before the conversation starts.

Improve authenticity and allow the visitors to feel that they are communicating with real staffs and not bots.
Let customers know agent availability with a green indicator near the agent's avatar.
Pre Chat Forms

Customizable Conversation Workflows

Collect contacts of customers in one go for smooth conversations to faster and personalized support experience.

Track processes fast with ease.
Send automatic emails to visitors if the staffs is busy
Respond visitors via email if the visitor exists the website after saying 'Hi'
Automated Email Collector

Un-obstructive Email Collection

Choose to make email collection mandatory or optional.

Enable email collector and make email mandatory to continue with the chat and grow your email list.
Disable email collector and give the customer the option to decide whether they want to share their email with you or not.

In-Built FAQs

Cut down waiting time. Provide answers to FAQs within the widget and let them find answers to their questions quickly.

Cut down on waiting time for website visitors.
Let customers find the answers to their concerns and questions without having to wait for the agent's reply.
Save agents' time responding to repeated queries.
Message Sneak Peak

Resolve Queries with a Surprising Speed!

Real-time viewing on what customers type even before they send the message. We make chat cleverer for you allowing you to make conversions faster.

Let your customers know when you are typing
Understand what the customer is thinking and surprise them by fast tracking service
Chat Routing

Optimized Queueing for Faster Response

Distributes chats equally to all your available staff. Select from different chat routing strategies to ensure fast customer responses without making agents feel overwhelmed.

Provide an equal number of chats to all agents using the round-robin routing strategy.
Invite agents to accept new chats based on their availability.
When an agent does not accept a chat invitation, automatically transfer it to two more agents.
Let agents pick chats that were missed by others from a central inbox.
Route chats to the most available agents.
Direct special issues to special teams with no hassle.
CTA Integration

Deeper Integrations With Website to Improve Workflows

Get your website CTA buttons to work with Live Chat Widget. Be it a product page, landing page or sales page get more people to get on the Live Chat using Call to Actions.

Connect the live chat widget and website through custom CTA buttons. Don’t worry; we’ll handle all the CTA button customizations.

Inbuilt CRM

Collect, keep and manage customer contacts and data to show your awesome products and the best deals.

Store contact information in one place.
Get to know your customers better; from their IP addresses and locations.
Keep notes on important data for future marketing.
Take notes for the team to understand the chat better.

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