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Manage all your customer communication from one place for better visibility, control, and insights. View, track, monitor, analyze and collaborate on communication workflows with no hassle, so you can focus more on what’s important — Your customers.

Message Presets


Multiple Channels. Single Inbox.

All inboxes across all your communication channels are brought to one place. With Click Connector, you can connect with your customers wherever they are, from one place.

Access all chats from Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, live chat to emails from a single inbox.
Take care of all your transactional and promotional messages in one spot while effortlessly switching between multiple channels.
Maintain a continuous conversation keeping track of communication happening over different channels.
Tags and Tag Groups

Organize Your Conversations With Labels

Label your chats to easily understand the content of conversations at a glance. Click Connector’s tags and tag groups help you keep track of every conversation and generate reports to identify trends.

Categorize your Unibox with custom tags based on your requirements and preferences for easy filtering, searching, and analyzing.
Group broadly-related tags to view different chat categories with similarities.
Generate detailed reports with tag filters to get deeper insights into numbers, marketing campaigns ROI, performance, trends, and much more.
Custom Inboxes

Create Your Own Smart Inbox

Set up custom inboxes to pull out conversations that matter to you the most at a given time—no more fumbling around trying to find chats. With Click Connector, building custom inboxes are only a few clicks away.

An inbox filtered with all your important chats, just a click away
Filter conversations by user groups, message channels, tags, and many other options and save for quick access
An inbox that suits the purpose of your team; product x inquiries, holiday inquiries, special deal inquiries etc.
Unattended Chat Alerts

Get Notified About Unattended Chats

Never keep your customers waiting ever again. Alert your agents upon a waiting chat available effectively so not a single opportunity to make a sale is missed.

Never miss a chat that is waiting for your reply
Forget the fear of ghosting a customer unintentionally
Easily identify chats that need attention amidst a giant cluster of chats
Transfer Workflows

Collaborate and Conquer

Direct conversation to and between different people to work simultaneously together. Get the right people and teams on the chat based on availability and expertise to provide the support that your customers are looking for.

Transfer chats to migrate the chat to another available, more specialized colleague.
Transfer chats to managers to make decisions.
Assign another user to handle chats when you are unavailable.
Convey messages as one singular person on the client's end.
Transfer chats based on user language to a proficient agent.
Chat Routing

Optimized Queueing for Faster Response

Automatically assign the right chat to the right agent on the first go. Click Connector offers a range of advanced routing strategies that work best for your team

Provide an equal number of chats to all agents using the round-robin routing strategy.
Invite agents to accept new chats based on their availability.
When an agent does not accept a chat invitation, automatically transfer it to two more agents.
Let agents pick chats that were missed by others from a central inbox.
Route chats to the most available agents.
Direct special issues to special teams with no hassle.
Message Presets

Respond in a Gist!

Save time with pre-created messages and respond to frequent questions quickly. With Click Connector, you don’t have to type the same message again and again.

Avoid wasting time repeating responses
Let agents set up their agent-specific messages.
Improve efficiency by speeding up conversations
Chat Workflows

Workflow Actions for Easy Management

Perform message management actions in bulk. With Click Connector, time-saving bulk actions are a few clicks away.

Clear the clutter by closing conversations in bulk
Stay organized by tagging conversations in bulk
Transfer more than one conversation at a time to a more specialized agent to save time.

Inbuilt CRM

Keep your customer data organized to know your customers better. The CRM feature of Click Connector helps you store your customer data for easy access.

Store contact information in one place.
Get to know your customers better; from their IP addresses and locations.
Keep notes on important data for future marketing.
Take notes for the team to understand the chat better.
Scheduled Messages

Plan Now. Send Later.

With Click Connector, you don’t have to be there to press the ‘send’ button every single time you send a message.

Follow up with clients easily with automated follow-ups.
Opt to auto-cancel the scheduled message if the customer replies before the scheduled time.
Keep soon expiring deals and offers on customer radar with automated reminders.
Activity Monitoring

Monitor Your Customer Activity

Know where any web visitor is on your website right now. Get access to the web activity history of any customer at any time. All of this is only a click away if you have Click Connector’s live chat widget.

Understand what your customer is interested in and provide a personalized experience
Impress your customers with products that complement their basket
Experience as if you are guiding a customer in a physical showroom
Message Sneak Peak

Resolve Queries with a Surprising Speed!

Real-time viewing on what customers type even before they send the message. We make chat cleverer for you allowing you to make conversions faster

Let your customers know when you are typing
Understand what the customer is thinking and surprise them by fast tracking service
Chat Greetings

Get Your Website a Concierge!

Provide your customers with the excellent experience they deserve. Delight them with personalized greetings and banners to go with them.

Invite conversations that convert
Personalize greetings based on the page the user is on
Personalize greetings based on Google Campaigns
Pre Chat Forms

Customizable Conversation Workflows

Collect name and contact details about your customers to contact them back. Click Connector offers custom pre-chat forms to collect customer information easily.

Collect Email ID to connect with them later when agents are busy and unable to reply
Send automated emails if the customer leaves your site after saying 'hi'

In-Built FAQs

Give answers to the most frequent questions then and there. With In-Built FAQs, your customers don’t have to wait till an agent responds to them to get answers to their questions.

Cut down on waiting time for website visitors
Let customers find the answers to their concerns and questions without having to wait for the agent's reply.
Save agents' time responding to repeated queries
Shared Inbox

One Inbox For Everyone

Work better together. Manage and monitor all chats in one place. The shared email feature offers a centralized inbox for all agent conversations.

Have many users use one shared email to contact customers
Customer's replies will be directed back to the agent that initiated the conversation
connect with Gmail or custom mail.
Use Click Connector's Email Server if you have don't a domain
Dark Mode

Strain-less. Easy on Eyes.

Let agents customize their interface to reduce blue light exposure for minimized eye strain.

Enable agents to choose between light mode and dark mode as of their liking.
Automatic Away Detector

In-built Idle Detention

Never keep your customers waiting. Know which agents are not available even if they forget to set their status to away.

Get available agents to initiate conversations
Do your customer a favor by making sure they are not waiting for an unavailable agent
Makes sure agents are not negatively reflected on reports

Get Insights with Marketing Reports

Automatically generate in-depth reports on leads, customers, campaigns and agents within minutes. Click Connector helps you understand what your chats tell you about your customers, marketing efforts and your own team.

Know where sales are high
Understand underperforming products and services
Improve promotions based on current market

Monitor and Analyze Team Performance

Know your team better than ever based on solid data. Click Connector helps you see everything about an individual agent and team performance from one place.

Recognize high performing Members
Identify underperforming agents to provide the necessary support.

The simplest yet, most comprehensive tool to manage all our customer conversations. Click Connector helps our team with Chat Distribution, Lead Collection, Follow-ups, and Reporting

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