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Facebook Messenger is not built for rock star sales and support teams. Connect your Facebook and Instagram pages and start managing incoming chats with Click Connector.

Custom Inboxes

Better Organise Your Facebook and Instagram Chats

Never waste time endlessly scrolling through to find chats. Keep track of your every lead and opportunity for more conversions 🎯

Get all chats under one umbrella, so you won’t miss out on anything.
Find, view and organize chats with various filters, so you don’t have to get lost in a cluster of messages.
Set automatic alerts to chats that haven’t attended yet to provide prompt support.
Shared Inbox

Built for Teams

End the headache of constantly getting blocked for shared user logins between team members. Give easy access to as many people as you want to a single account through Click Connector.

End the headache of constantly getting blocked for shared user logins between team members.
Get your whole team on board to send the necessary support only to sound like the single person is behind the keyboard.
Keep clear tracks of who handled which conversation to provide effective solutions.
Monitor performance of individual agents to understand who performs well and who needs support.
Uni Box

Chats and Comments in the Same View

Engage with your social media posts, reply to comments and messages, All-In-One dashboard!

Reply, like, hide or delete comments all from within the dashboard
Reply to comments privately to take the conversation up in the sales funnel.
Comment Management

Smart Comment Management

Distribute comments between agents efficiently, so no two agents handle the same comment

Filter comments to find unhandled chats
Filter comments that you have picked
Filter out comments with user mentions avoiding spam
Comment Management

Collision Detection for Comments

Make sure that no two agents handle a comment

Automatically direct comments to different agents to avoid multiple agents initiating conversations with the same comment.
Notify everyone who is handling which comments with the agent’s avatar next to the comment they deal with.
Chat Workflows

Collaborate and Conquer

Direct conversation to and between different people to work simultaneously together. Get the right people and teams on the chat based on availability and expertise to provide the support that your customers are looking for.

Get agents on the chats based on availability and language proficiency to make your customers feel valued and attended to.
Assign more than one agent to chats, so when one agent is away, there is always another one available to respond.
Get multiple people on the chat from colleagues, supervisors, to managers to deliver the best solution fast.
Sounds like a single agent handling a conversation even when you have multiple people attending the issue to avoid customer confusion and delays in passing on the message.
Chat Routing

Optimized Queueing for Faster Response

Automatically assign the right chat to the right agent on the first go. Click Connector offers a range of advanced routing strategies that work best for your team

Provide an equal number of chats to all agents using the round-robin routing strategy.
Invite agents to accept new chats based on their availability.
When an agent does not accept a chat invitation, automatically transfer it to two more agents.
Let agents pick chats that were missed by others from a central inbox.
Route chats to the most available agents.
Direct special issues to special teams with no hassle.
Tags and Tag Groups

Organize Your Conversations With Labels

Label your chats to easily understand the content of conversations at a glance. Click Connector’s tags and tag groups help you keep track of every conversation and generate reports to identify trends.

Categorize your Unibox with custom tags based on your requirements and preferences for easy filtering, searching, and analyzing.
Group broadly-related tags to view different chat categories with similarities.
Generate detailed reports with tag filters to get deeper insights into numbers, marketing campaigns ROI, performance, trends, and much more.

In-built CRM

Keep your customer data organized to know your customers better. The CRM feature of Click Connector helps you store your customer data for easy access.

Store contact information in one place.
Get to know your customers better; from their IP addresses and locations.
Keep notes on important data for future marketing.
Take notes for the team to understand the chat better.

Get Insights with Marketing Reports

Automatically generate in-depth reports on leads, customers, campaigns and agents within minutes. Click Connector helps you understand what your chats tell you about your customers, marketing efforts and your own team.

Know where sales are high
Understand underperforming products and services
Improve promotions based on current market

Monitor and Analyze Team Performance

Know your team better than ever based on solid data. Click Connector helps you see everything about an individual agent and team performance from one place.

Recognize high performing Members
Identify underperforming agents to provide the necessary support.

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