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Experience Seamless Collaboration via UniBox

Unibox offers you the opportunity to manage and engage with your customers in a unified space.

Centralized inbox with the ability to integrate new communication channels.

Fast responses made possible with smart communication tools.

Engage in real-time communication with your customers.

Distribute conversations among sales agents based on availability, skills and expertise.

Optimized Queueing for Faster Response

Distributes chats equally to all your available staff. Select from different chat routing strategies to ensure fast customer responses without making agents feel overwhelmed.

Provide an equal number of chats to all agents using the round-robin routing strategy.
Invite agents to accept new chats based on their availability.
When an agent does not accept a chat invitation, automatically transfer it to two more agents.
Let agents pick chats that were missed by others from a central inbox.
Route chats to the most available agents.
Direct special issues to special teams with no hassle.

Collaborate and Conquer

Collaborate with ease as a team to provide the best solutions to your customers — All while sounding like a single agent no matter how many people are working on the chat behind the keyboard.

Transfer chats to migrate the chat to another available, more specialized colleague.
Transfer chats to managers to make decisions.
Assign another user to handle chats when you are unavailable.
Convey messages as one singular person on the client's end.
Transfer chats based on user language to a proficient agent.

Keep Track of All Conversations

Find, view and track unattended conversations, so you don’t miss a beat. Get the fastest responses possible without making your customers wait.

Never miss a conversation again with smart alerts.
Keep track of messages easier than ever before.

Faster Replies with Message Presets

Reply fast with pre-made customized messages. Be just a tap away from achieving a fast response rate.

Avoid wasting time repeating responses
Let agents set up their agent-specific messages.
Improve efficiency by speeding up conversations.

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