Travel is back! You need a software to handle the volume of enquiries!

Click Connector helps your sales staff manage the conversations at scale.

Conversations to Conversions

Conversations are the Biggest Secret for Conversions in the Travel Industry

Lowest Cost on Customer Acquisition

Higher chances of building a good rapport

A Touch-point to collect marketing data and consent for future promotions

Humans convert better than systems

See Your Marketing ROI

Reduce customer waiting time and route queries to the relevant departments

Provide your customers the hassle-free service they deserve
Gather valuable reporting data based on smart-routing
Smart-routing = Higher Customer Engagement

Easily Manage Conversations with Custom Inboxes

Brainstorm problems and work together as a team to provide solutions to your customers.

Assign new users to the conversation thread
Transfer the conversation to another user via UniBox
Join an existing conversation to provide optimal solutions
Email transcripts for better team performance analysis and monitoring

Manage Chat and posts in a better way

Keep track of unattended conversations. Give your customer the VIP experience they deserve.

UniBox alerts you to conversations which have been missed.
Functions as a reliable and convenient message tracking system

Your Support Staff and your Management Team will Love Click Connector

Reply faster using customized message presets. Be just a tap away from achieving faster response rates.

Configure customized message presets and reply promptly.
Reduce customer waiting time and achieve perfect CSAT scores.

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The simplest yet, most comprehensive tool to manage all our customer conversations. Click Connector helps our team with Chat Distribution, Lead Collection, Follow-ups, and Reporting

Melina Pettendorfer

Director, Exotic Luxury Travel

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