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Chat smarter to optimize your customer journey and deliver a better and more personalized service experience.

Conversations to Conversions

Conversations are the Biggest Secret for Conversions in the Insurance Industry

Lowest Cost on Customer Acquisition

Higher chances of building a good rapport

A Touch-point to collect marketing data and consent for future promotions

Humans convert better than systems
Omni-Channel Communication

Better Online Help with Omnichannel Communication

Be online and on top of all communication across all channels. From Facebook, Messenger, IG, Whatsapp to Livechat, we help you be across all channels for a seamless sales communication process.

Chat Workflows

Never Put Your Customers on Hold

When you have many insurance plans and categories, getting a subject expert on the chat can take a long time. But not with Click Connector. We direct chats to agents based on availability and expertise in one go.

Lead Generation

Get More Leads in The Pipe.

Collect leads who are actually interested in your products with Click Connector Livechat. Automate the process with preset forms to gather names and contact easily.

Supported Channels

All Channels and Every Engagement Opportunity is Managed

A truly unified customer messaging experience!

Live Chat






Live Chat

Faster Case Resolutions

Speed up the flow of information. Collect and share information, documents and resources through the same window without email for quick and effective resolutions.

Message Presets

Presets to Save Time and Control Quality.

Keep pre-made messages and chat scripts for instant replies. No need to retype the same message again and again. No need to worry much about quality control of the new hire under training.


Custom Views to Find What You Need Faster

Label your chats to keep your inbox organized. With Click Connector’s Tags and Tag groups, you can pull up any chat within seconds. Think about the time saved.

Marketing ReportsReports

Understand the Market with Better Reports

Generate in-depth marketing reports in minutes. Click Connector analyze chats to help you understand your customer behaviours better for improved service.

Team Reports

Get Insights on Team Performance

Know who is falling behind and who is up to speed in managing chats. Track individual team performance easily from a single screen.

Looking to Learn More?

The simplest yet, most comprehensive tool to manage all our customer conversations. Click Connector helps our team with Chat Distribution, Lead Collection, Follow-ups, and Reporting

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