Chat Experience That Improves Your Conversion

Provide better assistance, reduce cart abandonment, and reassure your brands with the timely intervention of a real person via seamless chat support.

Conversations to Conversions

Conversations are the Biggest Secret for Conversions in the E-Commerce Industry

Lowest Cost on Customer Acquisition

Higher chances of building a good rapport

A Touch-point to collect marketing data and consent for future promotions

Humans convert better than systems
Multi-Channel Communication

Omnichannel Support Made Possible

Make yourself available to your customers across multiple platforms, including IG, Facebook, Messenger, website live chat and WhatsApp, from a single window.

Chat Campaigns

Maintain a Cohesive Look and Feel From Ads to Chats

Create custom greetings, call to action and banners to deliver a personalized, relevant and relatable experience with one of a kind chat and support experience.

Supported Channels

All Channels and Every Engagement Opportunity is Managed

A truly unified customer messaging experience!

Live Chat






Chat Campaigns

Keep Promotions on Their Radar

Set alerts to remind buyers about promotions and offers and make sure they won’t forget about the best deals you offer. Meaning more conversions with lesser effort.

Customer 360

Know The Past to Serve Better in The Future

Know each of your customers well from their purchase preferences, website journey location and much more. Keep your chat history organized for easy access and provide a better service.

Chat Widget

Reduce Bounce Rate with Flash Like Communication

Provide instant answers every time. Get available agents on the chat for quick answers to inquiries and direct chats to the right agents based on their expertise.

Tag Groups

Keep Your Chats Organized Just as Your Store

Use tags and tag groups to label chats for easy and quick access. Pull up any chat within seconds. Categorize every chat, so everything in your inbox is clear and sorted.

Chat Widget

Guide Buyers Around Your Shop With a Digital Assistant

Be there to assist throughout their journey. Help them navigate your e-commerce store just like a shop assistant does in a physical store and guide them to check out.

Marketing Reports

Get Detailed Insights to Optimize Your Marketing

Analyze chats to get a deep understanding of your customers, their behaviours, marketing trends and popular products. Click Connector will generate marketing reports with a click.

Team reports

Monitor Chat Center Staff's Performance

Get the best out of your team. Monitor and track individual support agents’ performance and see who is doing well and who needs support.

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The simplest yet, most comprehensive tool to manage all our customer conversations. Click Connector helps our team with Chat Distribution, Lead Collection, Follow-ups, and Reporting

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