Drive-up Sales with Better Chats.

Collect leads, build relationships, increase sales, and provide better customer service – All through fast chat service.

Conversations to Conversions

Conversations are the Biggest Secret for Conversions in the Auto-Mobile Industry

Lowest Cost on Customer Acquisition

Higher chances of building a good rapport

A Touch-point to collect marketing data and consent for future promotions

Humans convert better than systems
Multi-Channel Communication

Be Where Convenient For Your Customers

Whether you are a car dealer, spare part shop or a service center, be online across multiple channels at the same time, including Facebook, IG, WhatsApp and website live chat. No switching between channels.

Customer Support

Shine Bright With Your Communication, Just as The Vehicles You Sell

Whether they want to make an appointment or ask a question, reduce the effort that requires them to contact you. Be quicker and more instant, and let them connect with you even on the go.

Supported Channels

All Channels and Every Engagement Opportunity is Managed

A truly unified customer messaging experience!

Live Chat






Help Desk

Give Out The Right Answer Fast... Every Time

Direct new chats to available agents right away. Maybe you need an expert on engines or eight wheelers? No worries. You can set the chat routing to get the subject specialist on the chat in the first go.

Live Support

The Best Alternative for Emails and Phone Calls

Typing out an email or making a call is too much work when you can start a conversation with a simple 'Hi' typed in the same window. Plus, unlike calls, chats enable you to handle multiple conversations at the same time.

Customer 360

Know Your Customer Inside Out

Get the superpower to view a customer’s history and their interactions with you in the past as they say Hello with a click. Know their purchase history, concerns, location and more.

Help Desk

Fuel Your After-Sale Support

Improve customer support and customer satisfaction better than ever before. Turn to chat for after-sales support with Click Connector, and you won’t be disappointed.

Marketing Reports

Generate Better Marketing Reports on Your Automotive Business

Get your chats to paint the picture about trends, market behaviours, service issues and more with automated reports generated by Click Connector.


Get Insights on Team Performance

Know who is falling behind and who is up to speed in managing chats. Track individual team performance easily from a single screen.

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The simplest yet, most comprehensive tool to manage all our customer conversations. Click Connector helps our team with Chat Distribution, Lead Collection, Follow-ups, and Reporting

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