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Are you looking out for a solution for your business website? Well, luckily, you stumbled upon the right place. Website chat widgets are pretty much similar to one another in appearance, but the service they offer can drastically change. There are so many players in the market, and choosing one can be a whole different challenge. Customer engagement is crucial to any business, especially in this day and age, and we are keen on helping you out.

In this article, we will go through the finest live chat widgets, comparing each chat widget bringing out its advantages and drawbacks so you can pick the most suitable one for your business.

Before we start, let’s look at what a chat widget is and its basic workflow.

What is a Chat Widget and how does it work?

A chat widget is a tool that permits you to exchange chats with the guests who arrive at your website. For an instance, you can send a welcome message to individuals and offer help if they require assistance. Often you can find live chat widgets in the corner of a website.

As your current and potential customers scroll through your website, they will undoubtedly click on things they are interested in and would like to inquire about. The most effective way to show that you esteem your customers' time is to give them constant assistance options on your site.

This is how it works;

A chat widget is opened when clicked and permits guests to reach out to your customer immediately. Anybody showing up on the site can use the chatbox to pose inquiries that will assist them with settling on a superior decision when buying an item. This tool can help clients by giving them the details they need before purchasing.

Live chat widgets can also be used for below;

  • Permit guests to promptly connect for help across your whole site rather than wait for a delaying approach.
  • Track guest action across your site to offer accurate services wherever necessary
  • Transform window shoppers into buyers by checking site bounce or cart abandonment and offering them incentives.
  • Set up FAQs so guests can find answers to common concerns
Click Connector's LIve C

Benefits of having a Live Chat Widget

The live chat widget delivers a couple of significant advantages you can use to enhance deals, further develop brand awareness, increase loyal customer base and boost your site's income. Such as; 

Increased Customer Satisfaction and Experience

Sites that use live chat widgets have the highest customer satisfaction rate. This is mainly because customer support teams can address the customer requirements instantly, making purchase decisions easier. 

One of the main factors that decide the achievement of any website is the customer experience. The perfect cherry-on-top to a developed website or an attractive social page, is the human element. When a customer reaches out to you looking for a solution for their need, you should be able to give them an instant calculated response. It decides their impression of your business, whether it's positive or negative.

Higher Conversion Ratio

Letting your clients know that you are always available for them will positively affect the general conversion ratio. Also, assuming a client has a positive encounter with your customer support team, there is a high chance that they would purchase from you again. 

Less expensive than other Customer Assistance techniques

If we look at other well-known customer assistance techniques like responding to inquiries through;

  • Messages
  • Calls
  • Social media

Live chat support is a lot less expensive and more powerful. Additionally, it filters fake inquirers 

Improved SEO rankings

Live chat widgets can likewise assist you with further developing your SEO and decreasing the bounce rate. When a guest opens the chat widget and requests help, the odds are that they will remain on your site longer. That implies that they will be perceived as quality traffic, which will help your site's positioning.

9 Best Chat Widgets for your business website

Click Connector


LiveChat, by Click Connector, is a fully customizable chat widget that you can add to your site to assist with converting website guests conveniently. It supports personalization options, including tweaking the widget's appearance to match the tone and energy of your website.

With Click Connector, you can incorporate avatars that contain faces or illustrated ones to build legitimacy. Thus, giving you the privilege to make it look like a piece of your site. One can embed LiveChat to various sites and link them all to your Click Connector account, allowing you to converse with every one of the guests through a solitary dashboard.

With the 14-day free trial, you can test the widget totally before you settle on your choice of upgrading yourself to a paid subscription.

Some of the Key features of Click Connector’s LiveChat include:

  • Grab attention and enchant guests by delivering automatic welcome messages or displaying a banner connected with your business.
  • Customize greetings for every guest as per the promotion campaign they have clicked to land on your website.
  • Enhance the human feel and permit the guests to feel that they are speaking with the actual staff and not robots
  • A green pointer will be displayed close to the representatives' avatars to show the guest that the representative is ready for a talk.
  • You can gather the name, email ID, phone number, and advertising consent before beginning the discussion with the help of pre-chat forms.
  • If the representative replies back and the guest has not seen the message after 5 minutes, then the reply will be sent as an automatic email to the guest if the users provided their email address on the pre-chat form.
  • If the email collector in the pre-chat form is turned off, the chat widget will send a solicitation to the guest to alternatively add the Email ID. 
  • The chat widget allows you to transfer files up to 5MB
  • Representatives can have real-time visibility of what guests type even before they send the chat.
  • An all-new directing technique that directs chats equally to all the available representatives for better productivity.
  • Integrate call-to-action straightforwardly with the messages.
  • An inbuilt CRM to gather and store client data to effectively identify past discussions for future inquiries.
  • A very user-friendly interface
  • Integrates with social media networks: Customer communication on those networks can be automatically converted into tickets.



LiveChat is an exceptionally convenient chat widget, and it aims at furnishing everyone with something truly simple to utilize. It welcomes individuals with a decent chat box at the lower corner of the page. That chat box generally stays on the website and pops up with just one click. Then, once the chat discussion is over, your clients can share feedback and rate their experience with your support representative. The software can likewise give you a mention in social media through the share buttons available in the chatbox.

They offer a free trial for 14 days for each new client, yet you can get a special extension for 30 days if you join LiveChat.

Some of the Key features of LiveChat include:

  • You can reach out to clients straightforwardly rather than sitting tight for them to reach you.
  • Personalize the chat window to your preference.
  • You gain to influence all chat discussions from a solitary dashboard, regardless of whether you have LiveChat integrated on more than a single website.
  • Every client collaboration is set apart with coloured circles demonstrating how long the individual has been waiting. It permits you to respond quickly.
  • You get the full version of the past chats.


One of the most incredible conversational relationship platforms is Intercom. As an independent venture or entrepreneur, you can fabricate customer associations through customized messenger-based chats. It gives a completely personalized encounter and allows incorporation with other famous communication tools.

The product permits your customer service representatives to engage visitors and assist them with observing the responses they need, all while building more grounded associations and creating leads. The inbuilt smart directing and lead generation feature uses chatbots to qualify leads nonstop. The bots direct each lead to your sales agents, permitting them to settle the negotiation and further develop the client's insight.

You can utilize this tool to begin discussions with your clients through chats and customized messages and likewise build the "Help Center" part and load it with blog posts and responses to FAQs. It permits clients to observe the responses they need without reaching your support group.

The product offers different pricing plans beginning from $39 each month.


LiveAgent is a complete customer service package that incorporates a thorough live chat widget. The chat widget works inseparably with all of your backing documentation to provide phenomenal customer service round the clock on autopilot.

The automation provides you with a great many ways of orienting, such as;

  • Chat routing to the right agent
  • Answering simple inquiries
  • Sectioning your crowd
  • Creating business chat flows
  • Recommending pertinent support blogs

All while giving your representatives more opportunity to zero in on greater issues that require the human touch.

The widget is customizable. It allows you to pick your tone, set a custom invite message, make custom regulations, tracks guests as they check your site, and start discussions at the perfect opportunity.

Its live chat feature even incorporates fundamental video chat, so clients or leads with urgent issues can share their screens, converse eye to eye, and get customized help that is much required for the circumstance. You can even have a preview of what the guest or customers are typing. This way, your representative can answer even before the individual on the opposite end sends the message



One of the most well-known customer support live chat tools accessible to WordPress users is Zendesk Chat. It is handy to install and accessible for free from the store. Zendesk offers its clients many routing choices and around 85 external app incorporations. It likewise offers a free WordPress chat module with great options; However, the downside is that it is restricted to a single chat at a time and a single representative seat.

Zendesk’s chat boxes come in adaptable formats and themes. In order to quickly respond to guest messages, you can access the outer Zendesk Chat Dashboard to get to chats that you can introduce a dedicated Android or iPhone application, as well.

The dashboard is packed with essential metrics that let you analyze chat performances and track previous chat records for future promotions. But the Zendesk WordPress chat plugin is suggested for those that currently use other Zendesk tools.


Next is the cloud-based live chat widget, Freshdesk. It gives a decent integration between various channels and social media so you can have all your communication in one spot.

Tech-savvy customers lean toward a speedy and easy customer support process. Freshdesk Messaging assists you to deliver services through AI-based bots and conversational messaging in one spot. Be it from in-application chat, site chat, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, you can support clients across messaging applications and gadgets.

Some of the Key features of Freshdesk include:

  • Sort tickets: You can focus on, allocate and sort chats with your clients.
  • Canned replies: You can make pre-composed answers to normal inquiries, so your clients get their inquiries addressed instantly.
  • Deal with numerous channels: You can bring together all your customer communication channels like social media and emails from Freshdesk.
  • Develop once and use chatbots on all messaging applications and gadgets.
  • Respond to questions, guide clients to goals, and elevate them to a specialist.



Olark is an advanced and easy-to-use live chat option suitable for more modest ventures new to chat widgets. The simplicity of the chat widget and convenience to use, make building client associations consistent, regardless of whether you're not exactly certain what you want to accomplish.

Setting up the application is quite easy. Olark gives you information of conversations for analysis that you can use to further develop the client experience.

Some of the Key features of Olark include:

  • Reports to follow chat recurrence, agent responsiveness, and consumer loyalty.
  • CRM Integration with a wide range of CRMs'.
  • Create custom rules to hide and show the chatbox and send automatic messages. 
  • Previous chat records for analysis
  • View shopping carts to help with purchasing
  • Option to eliminate Olark's branding with the Whitelabel option.
  • Representative Team Designation


Crisp live chat widget is extraordinary for marketing automation, generating leads, and boosting deals. It permits you to help your clients through an array of options like the chat incorporated information base and co-browsing. The widget is most suitable for accomplished eCommerce organizations with a global customer base and enormous financial plans.

The free edition is extremely restricted, so it is best to get Crisp's unlimited plan. Despite being quite expensive, it offers ongoing chat translation to hundreds of dialects, which is a huge benefit for businesses.

Some of the Key features of Crisp include:

  • Available in Mobile version
  • Permits file sharing in jpeg, and png formats
  • Full access to the history of customer chats
  • Canned replies
  • Notifications and audio messages
  • Confidential notes
  • Completely modifiable chat widget, including colours, dialects, and positions.
  • Slack integration capability: Helps you to answer clients through Slack itself.
  • Send proactive invites and triggered and targeted messages.
  • Incorporated information base, so your clients can refer to information base blogs from the chatbox.


Drift is one of the sales-based chat plugins loaded with prospecting and leads generating options. Aside from that, it offers a high-level decision of chat routing settings such as round-robin, CRM, or team routing. Drift offers couple of good features that are intended to assist you with making a more grounded bond with your clients. It allows you to automate a few pieces of the chat cycle and use LeadBot to identify top-notch leads, schedule meets, and further develop your site's general conversion ratio.

Drift can customize messages when focusing on certain important clients such as premium clients or loyal ones. For instance, if a premium client visits your site, your salesmen will receive a notification. It helps businesses secure attractive sales by giving potential customers, and exceptional service. This comes with the CRM integration that Drift offers.

Your agents can even schedule meets with quality leads, and the routing option will ensure that every future client converse with the right support associate.

The free rendition of Drift gives access to the live chat option only, whereas the premium variant has more features and costs $500 each month

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