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With technology’s transformation, how we communicate with a person or a business has changed over the last decades. Clear and concise communication is vital for any business to secure a promising clientele. This is why online communication platforms are turning out to be progressively prominent with small and medium-sized businesses and their customers. With the launch of quick messaging applications like WhatsApp, communication has become all the speedier and more smoothed out.

Let’s look at how WhatsApp Business is making waves in the digital market and how you can make the best out of this application.

Why Use WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is an instant messaging application developed, especially for SMEs. The look and user experience of this are the same as the regular WhatsApp Messenger but with more slots to include details such as advertising products and services or to even accomplish organizational responsibilities. 

It permits you to collaborate with consumers instantly and competently. Just like social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp Business provides your organization verification which helps consumers reach out to you conveniently in real-time with a personal feel.

Listed below are some of the benefits that WhatsApp Business offers users.

  • Real-Time Engagement 
  • Advertising Products and Services
  • Creating a new business
  • Generating leads

Before we elaborate on the benefits and effective usage tactics, let’s get you started with setting up an account. 

Steps to set up a WhatsApp Business Account

First, you have to download the WhatsApp Business application from the Play Store or App Store. You will be inquired whether you need to use your current number or an alternate one. You will not be allowed to use the same number for a WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business account. It’s best to get a different business number or use a landline.

The next step is to set up your profile. This includes;

  • Modifying your display name
  • A logo
  • Contact data
  • Status message

When you're good to go, you will get a wide range of WhatsApp features that helps attract individuals. These can be incorporated into your business web page, social media accounts, and other advertising channels. You can likewise add a 'short link', which you can share across. It incorporates a WhatsApp prefix and your number.

How to make the best use of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is free to use, so you will not be spending budgets unnecessarily on ineffective solutions. Let us uncover the effective ways of using WhatsApp Business for your organization.

Set up Auto Messages and Reply Instantly 

The application makes it simple to set up automated messages for consumers. For instance, you could send them a welcome message when they first get in touch with you, or you could share with them a link to your fast-moving products. With automated messages and quick replies, you can ensure your operation is 'consistently on' and connect with clients 24/7, 365 days.

Additionally, Fast replies are the basis of effective WhatsApp Customer Service. Moreover, 42% of users who message businesses presently expect a reply in less than 60 minutes. So, quick turnaround times guarantee more revenue.

Trying to reply to enormous volumes of messages on your mobile phone isn't practical. It is time-consuming and unscalable, needless to say, how aching your thumbs will be. Fortunately, WhatsApp customers can likewise send and get messages and accept call requests through WhatsApp Web in their web browsers. Further, solutions like Click Connector, make omnichannel conversation delegation easy, which makes WhatsApp Business a modern and effective customer servicing platform.

Create a Branded Profile

Building a profile is a fast and simple method for boosting brand awareness on WhatsApp for Business. It's an incredible method to show clients your Brand’s gist. Your profile can incorporate key data such as Operation hours, Address and contact details, a link to your business web page, a brief bio, Service description and a Status update. 

Integrate other Platforms 

Omnichannel presence is the oxygen of the digital world. With so many options out there for your consumers, they could change purchase decisions in a blink of an eye. WhatsApp alone isn’t enough. But WhatsApp Business allows you to integrate all other platforms and systems such as Social Media and CRM so that each is interconnected when serving a customer.

Incorporating WhatsApp with your CRM will not require you to physically add contacts into the WhatsApp account. The two platforms will coordinate to import contact data onto your business dashboard.

For an Engaging Customer Support

Advertise Your WhatsApp Number

There is no sole reason for setting up and offering customer support on WhatsApp if your customers do not know you're using it. When you have a business account, a dedicated representative or a team available to deal with WhatsApp queries, you can add a link, button, or telephone number to your;

  • Social media accounts
  • A business website
  • Email signature and more

This way, all other owned media platforms of yours will promote your WhatsApp Business contact for potential clients. 

Do Direct Marketing Campaigns

You can make use of WhatsApp Business to generate new leads and stay in contact with potential clients. WhatsApp’s 'broadcast list' feature permits you to create a contact list and send them all the same message in one go. Similar to traditional email marketing practices, you will receive replies and can take the discussion from that point. The application also allows you to analyze the ROI of your advertising efforts. Using centralized communication solutions like Click Connector, helps you further evaluate and decide wise investment points for marketing activities. 

However, it's essential to have in mind that you can send broadcast messages to clients who have chosen and know about your security policy.

Set up Customer Support

Customer support is a crucial element in any business. Making sure your customers experience best, is the first step to building virtual loyalty. Fortunately, WhatsApp Business supports you to increase your loyalty. You can have a two-way discussion with your clients in real-time, and enjoy the perks of WhatsApp's vital features of knowing when a message is sent and read.

In addition, WhatsApp Business allows to add labels to clients, recognizing whether they are a new client, awaiting a payment, or awaiting delivery. 

Leverage Different Message Formats

Communication on WhatsApp is quite simple and versatile. As an organization, you can converse with your customers very casually without restricting to only texts. For example, you can send images, videos, precise locations, GIFs, PDFs, or even voice notes. Brands can send tutorials or guides to assist the customers with more complicated issues, and clients can send screen captures or videos showing the issues they require assistance for;

Furthermore, you can even provide an amusing, optimistic customer experience by tossing in some appropriate GIFs.

Integrate Chatbots or Live Agent Platforms

WhatsApp Business allows API Integrations such as Chatbots and other communication platforms. If you’re looking for a 24/7 presence for FAQs, a chatbot will work adequately. However, it’s not the safest option. If your brand is reputed and high-value based, a bot is risky as it may damage your reputation. If we look at Live Chats Vs. Chatbots, you would understand the important role played by an agent.

Third-party communication solutions like Click Connector offers a singular dashboard and conversation delegation across all platforms including WhatsApp Business. If you’re still establishing your presence, you can set up automated away and welcome messages and maintain a low response time, and save much effort.

WhatsApp Sales and Marketing

Improve your Business's Visibility

Similar to Facebook, WhatsApp Business enables organizations to have a page of their own. Your profile can showcase your location, brand description, website, and contact data. You can likewise add a catalogue as well. The catalogue tool allows you to promote your products or services conveniently. Even if your clients are too busy to google your business, with your catalogue set up, they will have the option to get to your offerings before other competitors catch their attention.

Conduct Product/Service Demos

Over catalogues, product demos assist you with getting clients talking about your products or services. As it’s an extensive and engaging demonstration of how and what processes are like, clients would naturally tend to inquire more, which will bring in qualified leads. Using WhatsApp Business, you can develop product videos or guides that demonstrate; 

  • What the product does
  • Hidden features
  • Ways to utilize the product and more.

You can also post them on your status or upload them on YouTube. If you’re in the service industry, demos are the best way to secure quality leads. 

Promote Products/Services 

Using WhatsApp Business, you can create different groups and broadcasts content based on customer demographics. These groups and broadcasts will assist you with advertising your products/services to increase conversions. 

Additionally, you can update them alongside new and forthcoming product launches. Just to be on the safe side, ensure to not overdo it. And always get your client’s permission beforehand to add to a group with strangers. The tactic here is to send customized messages more than once within a span of two or three weeks. Overdoing it might bother clients and provoke them to leave your messaging group.

When individually promoting, it's important to personalize communications. It’s because when your clientele grows, they will have more queries or need support often. You can resolve every one of their questions or even acknowledge orders straightforward from WhatsApp Business through any mode. 

Give Discount Offers, Sale Announcements, and Early Access to Deals

WhatsApp’s instant message option, along with story updates, allows you to share absolutely anything with your customers. Make use of this personalized opportunity to announce discount offers, coupon codes, deals, events and collaborations that your customers may be interested in; 

Similarly, you can run flash deals temporarily and let your clients know about them through groups and broadcasts. This will assist with making a whiz around your brand and drive designated traffic, which will help increase conversions.

Assume a celebration is coming up and you have planned a special campaign for it. You can offer early-bird discounts to your WhatsApp shoppers. You can post your story or send an individual message to shoppers offering them a few ahead of the scheduled sale date. It will certainly bring traffic to your WhatsApp Business account.

QR Advertising

WhatsApp Business has a "click to chat" feature that allows your customers to begin a chat with you without having your mobile number saved. This is helpful for customers who would rather not store the contact number of each business they associate with; Besides, you can build a link that can be converted into a QR code later.

Connecting using a QR code is easy than exchanging numbers, especially when you’re on a business visit or a trade fair. You can show your QR code on announcements or even promotional materials to your potential clients, and they can instantly connect with you. 

Enable Order and Delivery Updates

Email inboxes tend to get cluttered with so many unnecessary emails that many clients refuse to open promotional emails. They may even direct important emails to the spam box. The open rates on WhatsApp ensure that clients won't miss important order confirmations and updates. Further, as its closely linked to direct contact, it’s the ideal platform for intricate information-sharing.

Provide Post-Sales Support

The relationship between your customer and your business doesn't end once they have completed a purchase. Post-purchase support is vital in building a loyal clientele that spreads positive word-of-mouth. There could be many issues in terms of products/service quality or experience that your customers may feel like bringing to attention. In such a case if you are unable to act responsibly as a brand, you may lose potential future customers.

WhatsApp requires only a little effort for providing post-sale support to your customers, without your clients persevering through long-awaited responses.

Mostly, customers message organizations to know opening hours, complete the purchase, or provide feedback.

Last Words

WhatsApp Business is persistently expanding as it looks forward to revolutionizing the customer support experience. New features are adding up with every update, and it’s crucial to always have a keen eye on the trends and the most effective ways to tackle current obstacles. Presently you know how to connect with customers and leverage the following benefits of WhatsApp for business.

Low hindrance

WhatsApp allows you to speak with clients on a channel they're currently using. The vast majority of users check their messages a few times each day, which makes WhatsApp the simplest and most helpful tool for them to reach out to organizations.

Your clients need not keep checking their inbox to know the status of their inquiry.

Worldwide reach

WhatsApp is the top direct messaging application in the world, and it helps you to project your business more extensively than other channels.


One of the biggest customer complaints are the waiting lines and delayed replies. WhatsApp messages are shorter and more straightforward than email. This means you can respond quickly to customer inquiries and issues, diminishing the churn.

Brand Insight

Making it onto your customers' list of telephone contacts is the ultimate connection you can build as a business with a client. It shows your clients you are on their level, and it helps build a more informal relationship.


In the age of the GDPR, information security concerns are on the rise. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption and its obligation to ensure data privacy make it a safe decision for customers needing to message organizations and when sharing confidential information such as payment details and residences.

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