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WhatsApp is by far the most popular global messaging platform. It has more than 2 billion monthly active users and outperforms most other platforms in terms of comfort and flexibility. As a marketer, it helps your business immensely to use the platform that your prospects are most comfortable with. Finding and establishing connections with more prospective customers is the aim of lead generation. Thus, WhatsApp is the ideal platform to generate significant leads in order to stay ahead of your business.

The key to effective lead management is to stay ahead of potential clients without bothering them. Your objective is to be there when people are prepared to buy rather than forcing them to do so. Being strategic in how you communicate with your leads helps in building trust with potential customers. You can boost sales through a proactive lead generation system that allows customers to learn more about your product and make an informed purchase decision.

Here are 5 ways to generate leads with WhatsApp business on multiple devices.

1. Create a brand persona on WhatsApp

Once your contacts save your phone number, they should be able to identify you as a business right away. Accomplishing this will help you stay in touch with them to share important information while always identifying yourself with your brand. For this, you can personalize your messages with stickers, phrases, or slogans from your brand. It is extremely important to have a good message strategy for each type of customer or industry. Make sure each message is designed to stand out from the competition in order to grab consumers' interest and attention.

2. Include the WhatsApp message bot on the website

A WhatsApp message bot is software that runs on your website which enables potential customers to contact your business using the familiar WhatsApp platform. It helps you to fully automate the lead generation process of your business. It also allows for real-time conversations with instant answers to customers’ queries. Overall, effective interactions and quick responses to potential customers aid in improving the brand recognition of your business. When a customer initiates a conversation by sending you a WhatsApp message, you automatically receive their name and phone number, easily allowing your prospective customers to receive notifications or updates via the platform.

3. Use a unified platform to manage WhatsApp communications

Many businesses are already making use of WhatsApp's extensive features within their conversion funnels, but it is often individuals acting on behalf of the company, through their personal mobiles. Instead, through a unified platform like Click Connector, you can manage customer communications centrally for more efficient lead generation. This can assist you in putting the appropriate teams and individuals on the chat based on their expertise and availability to give your customers the support they need. You can assign more than one agent to a chat so that there is always a backup agent available to respond when one is absent. Even though it may appear that only one agent is handling a conversation, multiple people may be working to find the best solution. Including agents who speak your customers' languages will also help them feel attended to and cared for.

4. Reduce response time for customer questions

Customer satisfaction is extremely important in the process of lead generation and delayed responses induce frustration. The technological improvement in WhatsApp also leads customers on this platform to expect quick responses. On this platform, your audience is actively participating in conversations, so when they contact you, don't forget to respond promptly. But the more your business grows, the more difficult it becomes to maintain customer relations and actively engage with customers. This is where a platform like Click Connector can be extremely useful. You can organize your chats, route them to agents based on their availability and use quick replies to reduce response time to queries.

5. Manage follow-ups effectively

You must follow up on your leads depending on how long an offer is active. By not following up, you risk losing clients who were genuinely interested in your deal but promptly forgot about you. The follow-ups you send can be used to motivate inactive prospects to respond and take action or remind them of their pain points and the relevant solutions offered by your business. You can also use follow-ups to educate potential customers and explain how your business can benefit them.

With Click Connector you can follow up with clients easily with automated follow-ups. You can make use of automated reminders to keep customers aware of deals and offers that are about to expire and schedule follow-ups to all contacts to ensure that no leads are missed.

Apart from this, Click Connector makes it even more convenient to generate leads on Whatsapp. It enables you to manage all of your Whatsapp leads from a central site by unifying conversations across multiple platforms and accessing them through a centralized inbox. Strategic communication skills are essential for maintaining positive business relationships and generating leads. Therefore, it's critical to pick the right platform that enhances your marketing efforts and ultimately increases sales in your business.

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Amelia Novah
Amelia Novah
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