Customer Success ResearchTop Ways to Meet Your Customer Expectations during the Holiday Season

Many consumers prefer making their travel plans with an agency rather than resorting to the self-service methods online. This has increased the competition among travel providers. If you want to establish a strong relationship with your customers, you should be willing to go above and beyond every time you engage with them. This is because great customer satisfaction leads to increased consumer loyalty. Choosing the right customer communication platform can help you manage your travel agency more successfully by allowing you to keep constant connection and engagement with your customers and prospects.

Here are seven strategies to meet your customers' expectations this holiday season.

1- Listen to your customers and understand their requirements

Listening to customers is not only about connecting with them but it also helps you understand their needs and provide them the service that they expect. It entails paying close attention to their requirements and understanding how your organization can assist them in achieving their objectives. When customers do not feel heard during a service transaction, they are ready to seek assistance from your competitors. In fact, 86% of your consumers are willing to pay more for another provider in exchange for a better customer experience. When you listen to customers, service interactions become more positive as well. You and your customers are on the same page. This absence of friction is important since it boosts customer loyalty.

2- Provide personalized recommendations and guidance

Research found that over half of the users that booked travel through agencies said their experiences were better than ones they have planned on their own. This is because travel agencies are able to provide personalized recommendations and guidance according to customer needs. You can help travelers create itineraries navigate language barriers and book reservations too.

3- Offer special seasonal discounts and promotions

Once you've determined which type of destinations your customers prefer, it's time to put that knowledge to use and entice your prospects to make a booking. You can provide special discounts on the packages for those specific destinations. This can also be used to promote tours, hotels, and travel packages. To top it off, you can offer your loyal customers an added feature for booking during the holidays; the feature can be anything from an extra night to free tickets to the destination's major attractions.

4- Provide clear communication about your special promotions

It is critical not only to run promotions but also to communicate them clearly to your customers. Running special deals and promotions has become a great option to increase the popularity of your services. The key to success here is to communicate these promotions to the right people—those who will undoubtedly respond to them and help you grow your business by using your services.

5- Keep your online channels up-to-date

Businesses have often used special discounts and promotions to attract customers to buy their products. However, active customer engagement is now a vital element of the process. Consumers do not want to be constantly sold to. In fact, they are more inclined to buy from businesses that provide them with the information they seek. When you listen to customers, service interactions are more likely to go well.      This lack of friction is critical since it leads to higher customer satisfaction. Maintain your online channels and add new content at least a few times a week to keep your feed fresh—and your customers engaged in your business.

6- Be prepared for increased customer inquiries

Travel agents should be available before and after bookings to answer any customer questions. One of the most frequently expressed concerns about today's digital landscape is that customer inquiries are not being responded to or resolved. Invest in automated technologies that respond to every message and interaction on your website to avoid this.

ClickConnector can help you organize your customer conversations with labels, get notified about unattended chats, and automatically assign the right chat to the right agent. It enables you to perform bulk message management actions and provides custom pre-chat forms to quickly and easily collect customer information.

7- Be sure to follow up with customers to ensure their vacation went smoothly

Collecting customer feedback is the best way to determine whether your efforts are successful in meeting customer expectations. Asking the right questions will help you understand your brand's performance and improve your business.

Following up demonstrates that you care about more than just the sale and that you want to build a relationship with them. This increases the customer's trust in your company. It may also persuade them to work with you again in the future.

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Amelia Novah
Amelia Novah
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