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Lead Management is the process of converting potential consumers into regular ones. Once they have arrived at your website from Facebook or another source, it is your responsibility to seize their interest, pursue them, nurture them, and ultimately persuade them to purchase your goods or services.  Effective lead management can increase conversion rates. Even if it is just the start of a long sales process, the point at which a customer enters your company's universe is crucial for any firm.

Responding rapidly to customer inquiries is an important strategy when it comes to managing your leads as it increases the chances of conversions. Glossier, for example, witnesses a higher conversion rate because it makes it a point to respond to customer inquiries as soon as possible.

It is also simpler for a company to employ an omnichannel lead management service rather than having to manage queries across numerous different channels. Instead of merely providing help via a desktop website, your organization might provide support over many different platforms such as Facebook Messenger, live chat, email, and phone. Facebook Messenger CRM can bring in many advantages. Using this technique in your marketing, sales, and service efforts will help you reach a wider audience. Your staff or your items are simply a click away, no matter where they are.

     1. Better organized chats

To maintain track of your leads, connect your Facebook page to a lead management program. This will enable you to improve your conversion rates.

You can use Click Connector to handle your incoming chats and keep them all in one place so you don't miss anything. Put a stop to lengthy scrolling to find chats. You may also set up automatic notifications for unanswered chats. With numerous filters, this lead management software may help you search, view, and arrange your chats so you don't get lost in a swarm of messages.

For instance, if you are running a property sales business, Click Connector can help you organize your leads and prioritize them by how likely they are to buy property. This will help you pay more attention to the leads with higher conversion likeliness, make more sales, and make your company more profitable.

2. Smart comment management

You may also efficiently distribute comments between agents with Click Connector to ensure that no two agents handle the same comment. It also lets you automatically route comments to separate agents, preventing many agents from starting conversations with the same lead. It systematically displays the agent's avatar next to the comment each person is managing so that another agent doesn't handle the same comment. This makes it easier to identify and resolve unhandled chats.

3. Chat routing and chat workflows

Click Connector provides a variety of complex routing options that are best suited to your company team. It enables you to automatically assign the appropriate chat to the right agent on the first try. You can use the round-robin routing approach to ensure that all agents receive an equal quantity of chats. It also allows you to invite agents based on their availability to accept new chats. If an agent does not accept a chat invitation, it may automatically be sent to two other agents. You can also easily direct special issues to special teams.

4. Organize conversations with labels

Be more organized with your conversations by labelling them for later use. Every day, many interactions are handled by your team. Looking over your chats at the end of the day, you'll be able to categorize various conversations, such as bug reports, new customers, spam, and so on. You may choose to delegate such chats to relevant teams or assess the types of requests you receive the most a month later. Click Connector can also help you label your conversations to understand their contents at a glance.

5. Availability of CRM

CRM software is used to gather customer details in one central place to improve customer experience and satisfaction. It can provide a wealth of benefits for your business, from customer retention to increased productivity. For example, the CRM feature of Click Connector is a centralized, organized hub that makes it easy for a sales representative to see what products a certain customer is interested in. If the customer has previously interacted with the business, records of that contact will be included in the CRM and can be used to inform upcoming marketing campaigns and sales pitches. This improves and increases the customer experience while saving your staff time from having to search through files and records.

6. Insights and monitoring

Analytics are extremely important when it comes to managing leads. Click Connector can help you automatically generate in-depth reports on leads, customers, campaigns, and agents. It helps you understand what your chats tell you about your customers, marketing efforts, and also your own team. You can know where sales are high, understand underperforming products and services and improve promotions based on the current market. Click Connector also helps you make key business and marketing decisions rapidly instead of sifting through data to take advantage of real-time trends.

Lead management is integral to your sales process. A sophisticated Lead Management Software will not only increase conversion rates but also provide data to help you optimize future marketing processes. Connect with Click Connector today to amplify your customer experience.

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Amelia Novah
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