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WhatsApp, which started as a simple messaging application has now evolved into a popular communication tool for both personal and official communications. It helps people connect with anyone around the world with simply a stable internet connection and no extra costs. As active users of the platform gradually increased on an international level, it has become one of the most powerful platforms for marketing and business. Today, it is more than just a simple application for messaging. It is used by over 175 million businesses on a daily basis and has evolved so much that you can now use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices.

Here are 10 stats you need to know before getting into WhatsApp Business:

1) Global reach and accessibility

WhatsApp is ranked among the most popular mobile messenger applications with more than 180 countries accessing it from all around the world. It is available in more than 20 languages for more than 2 billion monthly active users .Unlike most other applications that are exclusive to Apple, Android, or Windows platforms, WhatsApp can be accessed on almost any device.Thus, it has also received 5 billion downloads across iOS and Android and is a popular application in over 100 countries.

2) WhatsApp usage

Whatsapp is a free service that allows anyone with a data connection to communicate with people from all over the world. The affordability, convenience, and innovative uses of the app have resulted in a 100-fold rise in the number of messages sent every day. WhatsApp already sends more than 100 billion messages per day, and the number is still growing. Users don't just use the app for texting but its call features are also very popular. This was especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic when over 15 billion minutes of voice and video conversations were made every day.

3) Popular among all age groups

WhatsApp is one of the only applications that is widely popular among users across all age groups. Contrary to the general belief, it is reportedly least popular amongst the age group of 15-25 and most popular amongst the middle-aged audience of 26-35.

4) Impressive open rates and conversion rates

The first step of successful marketing is making sure that your audience views your content. Although, Emails and SMS have been the preferred channels of communication for most businesses, their open rates and click-through rates are extremely minimal. In contrast, the average open rate of WhatsApp is an impressive 98 %. This is because your customer has already agreed to receive messages from you by entering their phone number and adding your number to their contacts. And if they're willing to do this, chances are they're willing to read your messages as well. Similarly, WhatsApp has a conversion rate of 45-60%, which means you have a better chance to convert your prospects into customers, unlike traditional communication platforms.

5) A separate app to run your business

WhatsApp has a stand-alone app designed for companies to handle business communications. It is different from the regular version as it offers verified business profiles, smart messaging tools, and messaging metrics. Businesses who want to take their WhatsApp conversations to the next level can use the WhatsApp API, which allows them to integrate WhatsApp into CRM and customer support applications and unlock new features like chatbots and media-rich messages.

6) Number of businesses that have succeeded with WhatsApp

The overwhelming number of users on a single platform can help many businesses engage with prospects and market their products. Many customers prefer communicating via messaging apps rather than traditional communication methods. Thus, a total of 50 Million Businesses are successfully making use of the WhatsApp Business Application to improve their business.

7) Supportive features for businesses

Whatsapp business API has many helpful features that allow you to connect and handle thousands of users, seamlessly. It enables you to send messages to 100,000 users with just a single click. It also provides 24x7 customer service with a Chatbot Integration and offers several live human chat support options as well.

8) Customers prefer WhatsApp Business

Many customers prefer to interact with businesses on WhatsApp due to its flexibility, speed, and efficiency. WhatsApp is gradually becoming a popular platform for receiving updates, notifications, reminders, newsletters, offers, deals, and other information. The majority of users prefer WhatsApp to track orders & delivery updates. It is also a preferred channel for customer support as people do not have to pay for customer support or wait for a long time to get their questions clarified.

9) Flexibility

Whatsapp gives power to the consumer, allowing them to start conversations, pause them, and pick them back up whenever it's convenient without losing the thread or context. This flexibility in the application improves customer engagement. If the client wants to pause the chat and return later, it is easy to resume where things left off by simply referring to the entire context of the contact.

10) Whatsapp Chatbots

Automation of WhatsApp messages via WhatsApp chatbot is an evolved method of customer service. Many organizations are making use of them to provide customer care 24/7. In essence, WhatsApp Chatbot keeps your company running at all times. It's an excellent way to answer repetitive questions without requiring agent intervention.

It is evident that WhatsApp Business has revolutionized the e-commerce sector for both businesses and consumers.

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Amelia Novah
Amelia Novah
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