Customer Success Research10 Effective Live Chat Tactics to Surge Positive Reputation

Setting up a live chat widget is a simple task but reaping its best outcomes require a sound strategy that helps to sharpen the skills of an agent. Here’s how you can build a positive reputation by mastering modern-day live chat etiquette

1. Use Simple yet Accurate language

Keep in mind, the organizational brand reputation when using languages. You may be a funky person with a casual attitude working in customer service at a traditional corporate or vice versa - the perception you create could be the very first impression that your customer gets about the brand.

Key Tip - The professionalism, simplicity, tone of language, spellings, grammar and accuracy of information must be on point and according to the organization’s personality and culture.

2. (For Organizations) Use real names and avatars

Chatting online itself is a strenuous task for many people, so It’s important to make your customers feel comfortable to speak up, even though they don’t directly experience the human feel. When you create separate accounts for individual agents by adding their photos or avatars, you give your business a sense of assurance which helps to draw in potential customers.

Key Tip - Along with the names and avatars, make sure to add introductory messages that are also unique to individual agents.

3. Be Instant and Proactive

Your customers don’t have time, but they do have many options. Your competitors automatically get a chance to grab a customer when you fail to communicate instantly with them. That’s why you should be proactive at all times.

Besides, you should also pitch your offering to perfection. Any salesperson would know that over-pitching is troublesome and wards off potential leads. Don’t always aim at converting a chat. Instead, focus on providing a great experience so that the customer would feel more reliable. Hence they become obligated to trust you.

Key Tip - Don’t frustrate customers by keeping them in the queue for too long. And don’t make them feel like you’re too desperate for a sale or uninterested in making one.

4. Be Empathetic

Your customers are human, and so are you. If you want to create a positive brand reputation, it is important to make your customers feel you’re on their side and not plastering smiles for the sake of a sale.

As a customer service representative, you know that only a small percentage of leads turn into actual revenue. That doesn’t mean all the non-convertibles are not qualified. It could be that they need time, or they’re facing some monetary or personal issue.

Key Tip - Remember to follow up non-converted inquiries after a set time duration to check on whether the customer is still interested or any other comments they wish to share.

5. Personalize your messages

The last thing your customers want is conversing with an agent on a live chat widget that sounds like a chatbot. Always keep in mind to personalize your messages even if you have templates done already. It just takes a few seconds.

How to go about it? When you’re taking up a lead as an inquiry, you can request their name and other data - depending on the type of service you’re providing. Apart from personalized addressing, you can also offer them complimentary add-ons, arrange special requests and even go above and beyond to make them feel welcomed.

Key Tip - Find yourself some basic yet effective chat scripts that you can customize accordingly to your tone of communication. Shuffle them from time to time.

Written by

Amelia Novah
Amelia Novah
14 mins

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